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"I’ve never been from the places I’ve lived. In some ways this is favorable because I will never be tied to any culture, its traditions or practices. 

Art, in particular music, is my nomadic homestead and undefinable culture. 

If the collective unconscious reveals itself, it is certainly through music; and 

if God dreams it is certainly to the sound of human creation.


As an artist I seek the balance between the known and unknown. 

With music we speak a language whose meaning is destroyed when its words are spelled out. 

Artists bottle up vapor for a living, they erect invisible structures as dwelling places for the minds of others, they give wings to humanity and tell them to go take their own fire from the Gods. See, I’ll be chained to the mountain either way, but I’ll be chained with the knowledge of forbidden fire." -Abban

All of Thomas Abban's music is written, arranged, produced, and performed by him.

 "The music is both lucid and hazy, its a search for a new language..... " Rolling Stone 

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Press Contact: Krista Vilinskis

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