• Thomas Abban

Let Me Tell You Something

She said she woke up smarter than the scientists and the martyrs

I know what you are thinking, but her cup just ain’t worth drinking

I’ve tread all through these mountains, drank gallons from life’s fountains So Son let me tell you something, pockets aren’t just made for stuffing

You may be strong and violent, you may be weak and silent But I need to tell you quickly before you learn to miss me

That you may be as poor as me or born a slave not yet free But Son let me tell you something, nobody dies for nothing

I’ve seen reflections burning in a sea that tide was turning I’ve stared into eyes of fire, devoid of all desire Though they may cloud your thinking and poison what you’re drinking Just remember what I told you about who and what controls you

I’ll see things you will not see, and you will be things I could not be But Son that ain’t no excuse to not do things you just ain’t used to My plates are never dirty, that’s the best part of being hungry Oh gee! Ain’t life lovely? I like that money rhymes with funny

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©2021 Thomas Abban