• Thomas Abban

Born of Fire

Born of fire, breath like water, I could never be it all Soon forgotten, I turn to shadow as bones replace my grief Seven foregrounds, one condition, by those who knew you when small Blazing horsemen rip through feelings and I run in the night like some thief

Black will hunt me and white will save me and light shall be my guide Through endless hallways as many souls linger and fingers poke my mind Hourglass smashing, times sands crashing, metal fist holds my hair None continue, but all remember, some forgotten in despair

Shine your features like stars of intrigue, you always were it all Different context and no response yet your sleeping breath turns my tide Dig this country and ride its highways, you will never get enough Watch me shorten this object longways to demonstrate my point

Even temper until you tempt her to kiss the ring to own She never loved him, she hardly touched him, their lives now blew/blue to bone Silver meadows, grass blades sharpened, sparkle in the midday sun Piercing our soles as many holes grow in the feet that tread the earth

Bound for glory, glory’s bound on doomsday, destruction will be the norm It will come as I’m singing, come as I’m preaching, judgement cloaked in a storm Judgement cloaked in a storm

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©2021 Thomas Abban