Joint Noise

Within the wheel I steal a disk, raise the dust, lick the stick and flick the switch. Beneath me clocks tick, waves flip a ship, splashing the wrist holding the [...]

Tracing Strangeness

Talk, eat, and drink with the ethicist, eat up views that were within you all along, inherent in all humanity. Man creates robot, man touches robot, robot touches man, robot [...]

A Dance of Precision

Could they have known before rejecting him in his own tent? Words have life long before they are spoken. The apple existed- it is the thought. Devastation waits moaning like [...]

Sons of Man

Off to the right, I identify with an accented pulse. Increase momentum, I float with a thin, vacillating line. It is comprehendible. I absorb the chaos around my line but [...]

Author Crazy Dead

Deep strangled, contracted and twisted. The tree bowed, the pressure of a hundred years of smaller pressures. The gagged choke of tense muscle, the stifled protest of the lack of [...]

B flat Intelligence

Raw intelligence, overlooked by circular systems- a deductive scientific method, conclusions before hypothesis always. My wooden gloved angel, black cape and Nike hat, golden necklace around her toes- memories of [...]

Molecule Leviathan

The ceramic chant lost in bubbled dirty rouge, I almost stumbled. My sideways head spilling programing from my ear, crushing it all the more between the thorn-hedge in a primordial [...]

Mutant Filter

Thick black, spilled corrugated tubing along textured red- wires and bone fragment like hair and follicle. The human flesh shield devastation- buy bonds, for this is our enemy- spoken and [...]

Graffiti Feast Hall

The morphing silhouette surrounded by the uninterrupted line of thought. Vengeance for the tribe of Judah. Metamorphosing  into the stagnant beat of the pale skin drum. The particle segment, melodic [...]