My Imaginarium

American Hershey (Healing Sessions)

Exceptional momentary bliss- painted in forgotten tombs, waving like a school child, a child of the wind, a child of terror, because terror is the only trauma. It’s a shame to reveal the work undone by idle hands, in front I stand, badge on my chest, a remembered dream of escaping deadlier men. Unlikely grief gets turned into a lateral left-wise expansion, let’s talk about it. Let’s talk about a CGI movie making a cold billion, let’s sing praises and hallelujahs to undercover technology and organic Easter eggs. Let’s talk about how it’s not done, how it’s gum disease that’s really killing Africans and stoping them from smiling. Let’s talk about barrels through holes in walls next to an Indian curtain, next to a picture of a mountain, next to a shopping list stapled to dogs head, eggs milk butter, organic sugar. Let’s talk about children riding a long afternoon to wasted time, death after life gives me more perspective and hope that I’m on a narrower path. Let’s talk about that classic pose when you cup your face for the black and white cover of Time Magazine, society seems a lot more plausible, moods seem more like landmarks, and information seems more dystopian. Let’s talk about class being dismissed, but learning never ending, falsehoods, smacked ambitions, feel safe in your lane, and feel the effects of those American Hershey healing sessions. We are not ready for what comes next. You can’t unearth ancient secrets without a shovel. Training pigs to be proudly reactionary. Let’s talk about sore losers who float on that reaction, are inflated by it, spread it, read it, regurgitate it, shape it, form it. Let’s talk about the winners too, same process, the same outcome, and even the same powers. There are still castles and pirates in 2017, the spirit of adventure either dies or lives, it never sleeps. Let’s talk about shifting maps, and swarms of people, hands raised, with functional legs, and they still don’t move. A steady beat and a slip into water. Let’s talk about the deep bass slide down, stop, slide, stop, slide up, slide up, stop, and repeat. I never have been quite the same for hearing that, for feeling it to, I have always found the best things to pierce the humdrum. Let’s talk about about the evolution of beauty, and how we sit while we know that the wave is on the horizon, getting closer, building speed, gaining size and strength, faint rumblings that will only get louder.